Taking it slow in dating

With each failed attempt you felt more and more pressure to finally perform well.You may have also had unrealistic expectations due to excessive porn consumption, from comparing yourself with pornstars (consciously and unconsciously) causing even more stress.Unfortunately, they have a long list of side effects, like loss of sex drive and fatigue, making them impractical to use.The second hormone, testosterone, regulates your sexual desire, muscle growth, fitness, vitality and much more.Most men develop this habit from a very early age, making it hard to overcome if the right techniques are not used. However, there is also a direct connection between that hormone and your endurance in bed.This is why antidepressants are prescribed for these issues.They often attempt to answer how they think they "should", instead of being honest. By watching adult videos excessively you teach yourself to come too quickly.Since Internet porn makes it very easy for us to watch all kinds of fetishes and pornstars, we get used to it and masturbate to quickly achieve orgasm—almost like an addict seeking the next dopamine rush. The hormone Serotonin controls our feelings of happiness and regulates sleep.

However, for most men premature ejaculation is mental not physical.Men that took a long time to come could be attacked during the act which decreased their odds of passing on their genes.However, men who came quickly were able to spread their seed far and wide.And if you ask a woman about their best lover ever – it's rarely the guy with the biggest member. Women want this as well, but there's a problem: roughly 30% of women cannot reach orgasm. Statistically speaking, you are much more likely to give your girl a clitoral orgasm with your mouth than any other way. If you think a woman is innocent and doesn't have as dirty of a mind as you do, then you're dead wrong.No - most women say that the best sex of their life was an incredibly passionate experience. Not only that - but around 80% of women have never had a vaginal orgasm. Women get turned on in a completely different way than we guys do.

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