Updating garmin nuvi 350

(internal or external, it doesn't matter.) In order to get the update file into a usable format, you can do it 2 ways, using wine or from a command line.

updating garmin nuvi 350-25

3) a Card reader for your Ubuntu computer that can read and write SD cards.After a few seconds the wine configuration window will appear. The wine install creates a hidden directory called in your home directory.In the Applications tab, make sure Default Settings is high lighted and at the bottom, where it says Windows Version, select Windows XP. In my case it's /home/marty/Inside that will be other files and directories, the most interesting one being drive_c. A quick tip, navigate to the ~/.wine/drive_c directory in nautilus and then click bookmarks add bookmark. In order to see your hidden directories in nautilus hit ctrl h, when you're done hit ctrl h again to rehide them.) This is the end of the wine portion, both methods contiue below Finally, we are ready to start working with our NUVI.It doesn't have to be empty, just needs the free space. Format it in your camera or a friends camera or bring it to the store where they display digital cameras and stick it in one and format it.You can also format it from the SD card reader in Ubuntu, but I don't know the exact commands.

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