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That's Lazors to a tee: a simple block-rearranging game where you need to bounce a laser around a small grid until it overlaps specific nodes.Despite the straightforward presentation, it's full of nice little details, particularly the 'plink! And if you think it starts out too easy, just wait until you reach such mind-boggling block types like glass or light-redirecting prisms.With multiple endings and the ability to rewind your game back to any key decision point, Whiteout continues the Lifeline series’ excellent storytelling that encourages multiple playthroughs. You're sitting in front of a control panel with a screen and a giant red button in the middle.The guy who knows how this contraption works is on a bathroom break..the game doesn't want you to touch anything? It's an exercise in trial and error, except when you make said error you might set off a nuclear explosion or initiate an alien invasion.

Just browsing the numerous game options on the Google Play Store can be daunting, making it tough to sort out the gems from the turds.

Pressing each of the big red buttons and flipping various switches that come popping out of the console in front of you becomes a carefully calculated decision.

Do you perform the action presented to you or pull out a screwdriver, loosen up a metal plate, and create a new option?

There are multiple sequences of actions to perform, and each one can lead to a vastly different and often bizarre ending.

For all the frenzied, arcade-style experiences on mobile that ask you to race against the clock or scramble for a high-score, it can be nice to just kick back and relax with some simple, worry-free brainteasers.

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